Concord and 9th -Turnabout Alignment Aid Pack

Concord & 9TH

Concord and 9th -Turnabout Alignment Aid Pack



Alignment Aids replace the need for a sharpie, ruler and marking the back of your Turnabout™ stamps!

If you've purchased any Turnabout™ stamps prior to January 2019, these alignment aids will help you with your turns.

The package consists of 26 alignment aids for the following Turnabout™ stamp sets:

All Season turnabout
Bitty Burst Turnabout
Christmas Cheer Turnabout
Crafty Turnabout
Dahlia Turnabout
Darling Petals Turnabout
Deck the Halls Turnabout
Dotty Turnabout™ (now retired)
Flower Turnabout™ (now retired)
Heart Turnabout
Hugs & Kisses Turnabout
Lovely Blossoms turnabout
Many Thanks Turnabout
Mosaic Turnabout
Oh Hello Turnabout
Polka Dot  turnabout
Retro Petals Turnabout
Semicircle Turnabout
Snowflakes Turnabout
Sprinkles Turnabout
Sunshine Turnabout
Thankful Leaves Turnabout
Triangle Turnabout
Wreath Turnabout (x2 designs)

NOTE: Past alignment aids are sold in this pack only. Not for sale individually.